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A milestone

Eleven months ago, just after I was diagnosed with cancer, my friends and family came together to do something for me I couldn’t do myself. It was time to get spring-time work done in the yard. Rake leaves, mulch, clean up, etc. I was already getting treatment so I was not allowed to be in the sun. Silly rules. So, some wonderful people came together to do the hard work while I grilled hamburgers and hot dogs.

This morning, I was up around 8am and out the door. I ran out to get donuts for our wonderful guests (love you, Cassi and Kaden) and a taco for my #1. Normally, on Sunday, I would bring back breakfast then lay around for most of the morning. Today, I got home, change clothes and headed to the yard. I carried 25 bags of mulch, leveled all the beds, and spread the mulch.

I know that doesn’t sound like mulch but looking back on the last eleven months, it feels like a pretty sweet victory. One more step.