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Treatment Day 1...34 to go.

Originally posted 5-April-2018

Quick orientation: I will be posting daily every day I have a treatment as long as I feel up to it. I plan to tough it out and get it done everyday. Intermittently, there will be other posts about the beginning of this process (before treatment started) mixed in.

My wife, Jennifer, is the best. I never doubt it but then there are days she leaves no doubt.

To make sure I got one more great meal before my taste buds - and possibly by desire to eat solid food - were affected, she made a reservation at Uchiko. We had a $25 gift card the delightful server at Uchi gave us after our anniversary dinner and it seemed like a great time to use it. I am constantly amazed that the service and generosity are somehow on par with the wonderful food.

Needless to say, dinner was superb and the company was better.

I made sure to get to bed at a decent time so I could get up early. We didn't want to be rushed with so much unknown to come, so we got up early. Some earlier than the others. Fed the dogs, got the kids out the door to the bus, and got Jen and I out the door in time for breakfast tacos on the way.

We had a quick conversation with our Medical Ocologist and headed back for the treatment. The chemotherapy couldn't have gone better. For the first couple of hours, it was anti-nausea and steroids. My sister-in-law, Cyndi, was a true G and brought us lunch. Shortly after, they hung the first bag of Chemo and that is when the anti-nause medicines did their job. I managed to fall asleep, REALLY asleep, for two hours. Woke up feeling great and just hung out and talked to Jen until the treatment was over.

We had to really hustle to get over to the Radiation treatment. They work closely together with the Chemo team and kept the lights on for us although we were running super late. Radiation was fast. Ten minutes of prep, twenty minutes of radiation. The entire machine rotates around me while I lay on a table, totally still. It is uncomfortable but that is a small price. My neck looks a till red where they were hitting me but could be a psychosomatic.

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The staff at Texas Oncology at the Ceder Park office and the Seton - Williamson County office are delightful. I really couldn't ask for more.

Treatment One Complete!

Time to come home and claim my treat.

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Peppermint is supposed to be really good for nausea. So, of course Jenni put York's Peppermint patty in envelope #35. Can't wait to see what is in #1.

No time wasted - Day 2

Treatment Day 2...33 to go.