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No time wasted - Day 2

Originally posted 2-April-2018

While the ENT was looking down my throat, he noticed a cracked tooth and let me know that needed to go immediately.  Our dentist, Advanced Family Dentistry, only has an oral surgeon in every couple of weeks but they were able to find someone that could get me in at 8am the next day. AMAZING! The team there is awesome and I couldn't believe they were able to find someone so fast.

So, early the next morning, off to Oral Surgery Specialists of Austin we go. I had x-rays of my mouth and Dr. Largent took a look and reviewed them with me. Everything looked great except the one tooth. More good news. Dr. Largent was awesome. He spent his residency at a hospital where he was able to see a number of throat and neck cancers. He was very positive about the treatment and prognosis. More important, he was a no BS doctor that was really easy to talk to. I hate the dentist in the best of circumstances but he really made things easy.

After a quick exam, they prepped me for the extraction. Three shots of lidocaine to the surrounding area (I cannot lie: painful and terrible) and he went to work on the tooth. More good luck. The tooth didn't break and only took two or three minutes of work to get out. No infection, no complications. He spent a couple of minutes irrigating and cleaning it, gave me some gauze to bite on, and we were done.

I stopped by the front desk and scheduled the follow-up and spent the rest of the day recovering.

The moral of this story is: See your dentist. Don't be afraid. Bad oral health can have too many effects on your health and can delay treatment of more serious problems. Take care of your business.

No good way to say it...

Treatment Day 1...34 to go.